Monday, December 12, 2011

Victricia Malicia

I recently finished up a super fun pirate picture book. Carrie Clickard is the mastermind behind this tongue twisting pirate adventure, you can check out her site here. It will be published by Flashlight Press in 2012. Here is the description from their website:

Although Victricia Malicia Calamity Barrett was born on her family's pirate ship, this mild-
mannered, book-loving girl is sick of the sea:

"I loathe when my sisters speak pirate vernacular,
gag when my lunch is Spaghetti Tentacular,
want a new pet that's not scaly or spiny,
wish I could keep my books somewhere less briny!"

With her nose permanently buried in a book, Victricia is a disaster at pirating chores:
her knots slip, she falls from the rigging, and her cooking makes rats abandon ship!

When V
ic's mistakes finally cause a treasure to slide overboard, the pirates decide she must be
grounded - sent ashore until she's ready to become a better buccaneer. But a sea-serpent
appears and things don't turn out as planned. V
ictricia saves the day and is granted her wish -
to live on the little island where the pirates bury their treasure.

Far from the waves and foam, Victricia is finally able to follow her dream. She opens a
bookstore with Sea Story Hour, and L
andlubber Books becomes the pirates' favorite port in a

I figured I would start by posting a couple of the sketches and then in a few days I post up some of the finished paintings. Also be sure to check out